Students & training

The Wallace Center is committed to training and mentoring new leaders in at the intersection of technology, innovation, and MCAH

Training the leaders of tomorrow

To develop future leaders trained in innovative MCAH research, we provide the following opportunities for students across the UC Berkeley campus:

Graduate Student Researchers

We provide Graduate Student Researchers (GSR) opportunities on an array of faculty research projects.

Undergraduate students

We provide undergraduate students with opportunities to work with our faculty on research projects.

Summer internships

We work with our collaborators to create graduate summer internships opportunities at their organization.

 postdoctoral fellowships

We mentor postdoctoral students conducting research in technology, innovation, and MCAH.

MPH traineeship awards

We provide financial awards to incoming MCAH MPH students with experience in technology and innovation.

Doctoral dissertation awards

We provide doctoral students with funding for dissertation research related to MCAH innovation and technology.

Our current students and trainees

Aliza Adler

Student-Industry Collaboration

Aliza is an MPH student collaborating with Plan C to help analyze survey data from their Self-Managed Abortion Buddy training course. She is also aiding in the creation of a new set of surveys that will help inform the second iteration of this course.

Emma Anderson

Graduate Student Researcher

Emma is an MPH student working with the Wallace Center on their communications strategy and abortion research.

Renee Clarke

Graduate Student Researcher

Renee is a DrPH candidate working on a mixed-methods study of the experiences and perspectives of Clinical Providers and Payors during the postpartum period.

Marisol De Ornelas

Graduate Student Researcher

Marisol is a DrPH student focused on studying novel interventions aimed at improving MCAH and health equity. Marisol helps lead research efforts with the Wallace Center's research partners at Alameda Health System.

Eliza Dolgins

Undergraduate Summer Intern

Eliza is a recent UC Berkeley graduate working with the Wallace Center on a mixed-methods study of an online health community for abortion.

Yucca Phun

Undergraduate Summer Intern

Yucca is a current senior majoring in Public Health. Over the summer, she worked with Betsy and Lindsay with the r/abortion and r/birthcontrol projects.

Betsy Pleasants

Graduate Student Researcher

Betsy is a DrPH student working on a mixed-methods study of an online health community for abortion, in collaboration with the Wallace Center and the Berkeley Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability.

Ijeoma Uche

MPH Summer Intern 2022

Ijeoma is a 2nd year MPH student creating a digital platform to improve perinatal care for BIPOC women and birthing people while helping parents regain their trust in hospitals and providers.

Leading innovation in MCAH research

We conduct actionable research in innovation and technology to achieve health equity in maternal, child, and adolescent health

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