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The Wallace Center advances maternal, child, and adolescent health and reduces health disparities using innovation, technology, and community engagement

Featured projects

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

The Wallace Center has several research projects underway assessing telehealth and remote patient monitoring for perinatal care.

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Listening to Communities Study

Exploring patient engagement in digital health technologies among low-income pregnant women and mothers.

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Social Media Analysis

Informing family planning and reproductive health research with data from user-generated content from social media, online communities, and other platforms.

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Infodemiology Research & Training

Using search engine data as a novel source of information for understanding sexual and reproductive health needs.

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mHealth research

Researchers are analyzing big data from mobile health apps to assess health behaviors and MCAH outcomes.

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Community-based Doula Care Research

Community-Based Doula Care is an “innovation to watch.” We are setting a research agenda and providing evidence to inform intervention strategy.

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Other projects

Telehealth Research

The Wallace Center has several projects underway assessing the impact of COVID and transitioning to telehealth on prenatal care, reproductive health, and family planning.

Landscape Scans

We are conducting several landscape scans on the utilization and impact of technology across MCAH topics to assess the evidence and knowledge gaps in the current literature.

Reimagine Lab

We have partnered with the Gobee Group to facilitate student training opportunities working on their Reimagine Lab project, which focuses on innovations to prevent family and domestic violence.



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